How a Magician* Can Make Money #4: Magic Hat?

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

In the previous blog posts, I was trying a bunch of different stuff and seeing if it worked...

Monetization has not been going so well mainly because I took some time off from my music career to learn a bunch of other tangentially related stuff including but not limited too getting my certification as Biddy Tarot Advisor and getting immediately involved in her "Grow Your Tarot Business Online Program" which has now directed me back to the blogging in two very big ways.

First of all, in the Facebook group I ran into a fellow musician who was transitioning into Tarot asking about website technical stuff. I directed them to my website to sort of show what I had done and they commented on my blog. They found it helpful and wondered if there was anymore. I had pretty much decided that people were not into reading anymore and so had discontinued based on the low initial numbers. I tend to be like that; it's not that I am inconsistent but I don't like to waste time doing stuff that no one will pay attention to.


Then I started Pillar 3 of GYTBO and realized that I needed to get back on this pony and start flogging this dead blog to death again but it almost seems like I need to tie a bunch of this stuff together so that the blog is actually a YouTube video or something because of the whole reading thing. Anyway, it's time to start producing content in bulk maybe in 12 week bundles to make it manageable and attach everything to a time table and stick to is hard.

In the next post, (which I will post next Friday and every subsequent Friday for the next 12 weeks at least) I'm going to do a video about how merely documenting the process is itself a process and then document said process by writing relevant points from said video as a blog.


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