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How a Musician Can Make Money #3 Affiliate Marketing (Part 2)

In the last post, we started talking a little bit about affiliate marketing using the example of Printful. I explained the basic concept and everyone reading the blog will immediately navigate to open their own merch stores through my affiliate link, right?

Yeah! Sure! No, probably not...not everyone is going to want to get into a business like that. That said, the upside of a few savvy individuals coming aboard on your recommendation and doing well could potentially provide you with passive income at no real financial risk to you.

Entrepreneurs are a special breed and something like print on-demand only makes sense if you have a website and are equipped to do ecommerce with it but have nothing much else to sell...or you just really like to make designs and have a eye for fashion and lifestyle goods but no capital to buy shirts in bulk, do printing in bulk, fill the orders and ship them world-wide.

If you are a musician or other passion-based entrepreneur that couldn't figure out their monetization (like I was) then I'm writing this blog for you or rather I'm writing it for myself because this is the knowledge I've been needing all my life and now it is flowing through me.


We are the creators. We are the makers and doers of the world. We can inspire others who are like us in their need to express and harness their creativity; as we likewise draw influence from them to activate and propel our own creativity forward...but what if I told you there was an inertial force opposing your creativity from within you and imposing upon you limitations? What if you could change the polarity of this force from negative to positive and make the jump to lightspeed so that your career and everything else you do goes into hyperspace.

Sounds pretty great but what does this magical "force" have to do with affiliate marketing? The force of hunger impels every living entity to seek out food and this hunger is predicated on the need of the organism to consume, destroy and digest matter in order to sustain its life.

Everyone is a consumer whether they like it or not but some people really like to consume.


So now we are going to shift the polarity of our consumption like I talked about. The inertial force of consumption is oppressively pushing creative minds to languish in stasis so that they and their family may eat, have shelter, pay bills, and obtain the modern human society's equivalent of basic survival (BS). Affiliate alchemy is one way to transmute BS into gold.

I sing a song every week & record it on a video, post it on my Facebook page and share it to some groups. I'm not crushing it on followers or engagements however I get comments like: "Great song! What kind of recording setup do you have?",

"Hey what kind of mic are you using?",

"What are you using to record the video separate from the audio?"

In the past, I would just be happy that someone noticed me and give them whatever attention and information they required. The only benefit I gained in the exchange was an emotional lift of acknowledgment and perhaps their esteem but now I can get money doing the exact same thing because this time I've got a link that I can give them that connects them directly to the thing that they wanted to know about. I'm actually inserting myself into a sell without trying.

I got most of my stuff from Amazon by necessity. There's the microphone that I use. Most people probably have better mics but here's the beauty of affiliate alchemy. When a customer clicks through a special link on your site to an Amazon site during a single session, you get commission for whatever they actually decide on buying during the next 24 hours not necessarily the item that you linked; so they could decide on a much bigger ticket item than what you have...but because your link got them hungry to go shopping, you get a piece.

Guitar Acquisition Syndrome is a well-known affliction common to many guitarists and merely showing them a picture of guitars could very well lead them down the path to purchase another axe at your suggestion except you made no suggestion nor attempt to sell. They were just hungry for guitars and you fed them guitars. Guitars are big ticket items on Amazon and even small commissions (3% on musical instruments) can be substantial.

So here is the last affiliate opportunity that I am going to enlighten you with tonight and that is Amazon bounties. This is a fixed amount of money usually for just getting people to sign up for a free trial.

Anyone who makes purchases for work (eg. procurement specialists, office administration, IT departments, etc.) can create a free account for their business. The customer must be from a verified business in order to successfully create their Amazon Business account but you can earn $15.00 for a successful registration of an Amazon Business account.

O.K. one more bonus tip:

Don't know what to get your mom for Mother's Day or dad for Father's Day? How about let them pick out the books they want to listen to for the next 3, 6, or 12 months? BOOM!

You can make $8 - $10 for every gift subscription so compared to standard commissions these bounties really rack up the value. Alright I hope everyone got a lot out of this lesson because next time we are going to explore making money through selling a service.

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