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How a Musician Can Make Money #1 Print On-Demand Merchandise

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Last Christmas morning, I opened the coffee mug you see before you and was kind of blown away. My wife Celestial had designed it just for me on her mom's Printful store.

Although it was meant to be a one-off novelty item; a few months later I got a message from my mom on Facebook. It was a photo of my mug followed by the text, "My new favorite mug!!" Apparently she too had found it somehow on my mother-in-law's Printful store.

Well recently I've had a huge turn around in the way that I've been thinking about my music career. I realized that I had not really been approaching it like a business at all.


I was like the Billy Madison of business; I never graduated from kindergarten. I started getting coaching on just about every element of the game until I was up to my eyeballs.

The first tangible step that I have made towards monetizing myself since this awakening has been putting together this website with a Printful store of my very own.

I used my wife's design and a logo I designed for my music education program in development called "Shaolin School of Music" to create the first pieces of merchandise.

Today was the first day I have been able to receive payments and so I thought it would be interesting for you to take this journey with me as I learn how a musician can make money. I've never done a blog before either so even though I'm like 20 years late to the blog game I'm hoping that cultivating the discipline to write and think daily about the topic will be good.

My desire is to implement some of the strategies and tactics I've been learning to create multiple streams of passive income both within and without the music industry through passion based business models. I've worked with other print on-demand companies in the past for another business and another band but no company other than Printful has impressed me with their willingness to reach out and help your enterprise succeed.

So if you want to sell t-shirts or other merch on-line but you want someone else to deal with the hassle then I'm recommending Printful to anybody who will listen because I'm not only the proud owner of the store on this website I'm also a marketing affiliate for them now.

I guess I'll explain how all that works in the next post...stay tuned.

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