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Contentious Issues #1: Decades of Distrust

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

According to Pew Research Center: 65% of adults – including nearly identical shares in both parties – say that all (15%) or most people (50%) who seek office at the local, state or federal level do so to serve their own personal interests. By contrast, just 21% say all or most people who run for office do so in order to serve their communities.

The first challenge then is to align my personal interests with rich and powerful corporate interests in order to work for their benefit and at their discretion. Right?


At Wal-Mart the other day, I ran into a lady that works there who used to work with me at Hy-Vee. I told her I was trying to get on the ballot and she said, "Don't do that! Then you'll become a corrupt, lying bastard too." That shook me up.

I really wanted to assure her that I would be different and give her several well thought out reasons as to why but then it hit me; the trust between the people and their representatives has degraded to the point that to be in the government is to be "corrupted" in most peoples' eyes.

I used to say, "No matter who you vote for; the Republicans win and America loses." Haven't you ever noticed that? Democrats talk a good game but come game time - The Republicans are the Harlem Globetrotters and the Democrats are the Washington Generals - it's a clown act.

The rules bind the hands of one team forcing them to play fair basketball and put forth a sometime solid but always mediocre performance while the other team juggles multiple basketballs and dunks using trampolines as the rest of the them flagrantly foul and tickle the referee to the delight of crowds because to them the game is a joke.

The other side is in on the joke too my friends but sadly the joke is on you, at your expense. They are not laughing with you - they are laughing at you and they love it because you think they are playing for you but they're not.

Both teams are working together against you but we can work together too. I'm getting off of the couch, coming out of the stands and running these clowns off the court. Who's with me?

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